About Us

A & B Group, Inc. was founded in 1995 as A & B Transport, by Burton "Buddy" Baty. It was to be a company as loyal to its employees as it is to its customers. Growing up on a small farm in Southwest Louisiana Buddy was taught that success only comes with dedication, determination and trustworthiness. That philosophy grew with him and proved to be true. At A & B our goal is simple… to provide a superior service at an economical price. This goal along with Buddy's lifelong philosophy has allowed A & B to build a loyal customer base for our company.

A & B Industrial Services was founded in the year 2000 to serve the Air Separation Industry. After having the transportation side of A & B called in to assist other companies with the evacuation and installation of perlite, ideas were formulated that would expedite and lower the cost of the removal and installation of perlite in loose fill applications.

In 2003 we purchased our first portable perlite furnace, after repeated requests from our customers for onsite perlite expansion.  In 2008 we purchased a second portable furnace, allowing us to service multiple customers simultaneously.

We will strive to be the premier company in our field. A & B will provide superior service, while always adhering to all environmental and safety regulations.



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