Industrial Services

A & B Industrial Services division was founded to serve the Cryogenic Air Separation Industry. We are the Cryogenic Perlite evacuation and installation experts. We have successfully completed numerous jobs for all of the major air separation companies as well as major refineries all across the United States, Mexico and South America.

We are committed to providing our customers with the lowest cost solutions. A key component of any perlite job is timeliness. From a maintenance perspective, it is essential that material get evacuated, stored, repairs made and material be re-installed expeditiously in order for the facility to start processing again.

The following are just a few risks inherent in the existing method that most others use for the removal and re-installation of perlite:

  • Greater loss of re-usable material
  • Contamination of perlite
  • Improper utilization of equipment which can result in increased job costs as well as increased disposal costs on material which cannot be re-used

Desiccant removal and installation
Mineral Wool removal and installation



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